Global Achievement Schools



As a school leader, membership to GAS gives you access
to a network of like-minded peers across the world,
who share a similar vision of seeing their schools
succeed and are willing to share their paths to achieving this with you in real-time, online and face-to-face interactions.


Through our network and facilitations, you, your students and faculty have an opportunity to participate in outcome-based exchange programs that will enrich your school improvement efforts invaluably.


Through the GAS program, you and your community university and college will have opportunities to maximize your engagements with tertiary-level institutions through our international exchange program. Your school may also be a beneficiary of this program if your participant student is selected to undertake their international service in your school. Your school’s active participation in online collaborative projects and network contact events gives your school the visibility needed to attract partnerships for the international service.

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Global Achievement Schools (GAS) is a global partnership of schools that seek to drive school climate change in order to improve overall school achievement. Ours is a program of select member schools that are committed to a continuous process of school transformation by adopting our key values: striving for excellence; shared learning and co-creation through exchange.